Saturday, August 18, 2007

Velvet Elvis

So I have started reading Rob Bell's book Velvet Elvis apart from loving the graphic work of it. I really like Rob Bell and love the analogies he uses. He speaks about stuff, I feel very strongly about, and issues in our faith that we need to address.
He gives a great challenge I wanted to get some thoughts on it. He says 'The challenge for Christians today is to live with great passion and conviction, remaining open and flexible, aware that this life is not the last'. Wow some challenge to a faith in apparent decline. Tell me what you think?

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LeAnn said...

I think it is a major challenge to live like that in this world. Becky was talking about a similar thing at church this morning about the Sermon on the Mount and that Jesus really did mean the things he preached about. I haven't read this book you are talking about but it sounds good from what you've said. I just finished reading "The Emerging Church" by Dan Kimball and it is very good as well. It speaks about many of the issues facing the church in the United States and how the church can reach the "post-Christian" people. If you want to borrow it, let me know. :-)