Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tough First's

So went to my first funeral, was a colleague ff whom I really like called Terri Bouma, her father died. This was my first ever funeral, wow wee the two kids Jenna (18) and Alyssa (14) were amazing. They held up alot better than I would have. An inward beauty shined from within them. I was cut deep by death and had alot to think about since then. What would happen if someone from home died? I just prayed Gods will over all my family and am grateful I know where they will be whatever happens, one day we will all be together in heaven. Rest of week has flown by. Had a weekend full of parties with good church foke. Its amazing hearing all there issues and knowing the world is full of problems and there not dis-similar all over the world. This year is going to teach me alot about my ministry and how I fits in with all I do in the future.

The Willoughby's have been in town this week which has been fun and great to have them. I really appreciate the issues they have had with moving country because now I am in there situation. It has made me think of all i miss from home the evenings me Ron and Dee would sit out on the deck and talk about the world and how we can do it all better. I love you all.


Ron W. said...

Hey Mate,

It was great to see you. Glad we had time to hang. You are doing a great job.

Keep your wits about you. Be a leader.

Love you bro,


Anonymous said...

they were good times! im sure they will be repeated some time in the future!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,

I'm glad we got to hang out this past week. It was very cool.

you are going to make such a difference. i'm really proud of you.

kathryn x