Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Baltimore City

So I went to the city of Baltimore for the first time as with every city its so different, bigger than I exepected but was really nice to see. Here is a picture of the football staidum, the home of new favourite team the Baltimore Ravens. The city is nice and has a lovely habour area and seems like a nice city. I am loving being here yet I am starting to miss home, just a little, but I am really enjoying being here. The people are so lovely and the church is doing amazing things for me. Hope all is well in the UK and send me email or leave a post to say hello.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ali, glad to hear it's going well in the U S of A. You never know you might get to meet that old chap my Beckham. Or not. Anyway, i am praying for you and i hope that God Blesses you. He is Awesome and if we put him centre of our lives we can't go far wrong. I would ask that you could pray for me in my current Church. I am bringing alot of new ideas to discussion which i believe are God inspired, i want to make the youth groups be more enjoyable and God centered. To enable the youth to grow and the younger ones to learn more about God. I am a leader at the 6-11 year old Group and the Solid Rock youth group which is 12-15 and 15+. You can check out the website at

God Bless
Abraham Overvoorde

Anonymous said...

hi ali this is wez, glad its all going well in 'the states' for you.
Just to let you know that the young people at CRS are praying for you, and we're sure you'll do great.

Johnsons said...

We are sitting in 19 Rees Cres. looking at your blog, glad to hear your doing good. Your document launch looks exciting. Just had a chinese; duck in plum sauce, have saved you some! Did you get grandads email? Constantine has gone to Leeds. City have signed biaginti? Love you from Grandad + Grandma,Mum + Dad and big bro.