Sunday, July 29, 2007


Went to see Transformers this weekend. That has to be one of the greatest film of all time. A classic good v evil, I want to be Optimus Prime. Hes the best Transformer ever, Bumblebee does however come close. My first film in America was a complete success. We went to Arudel Mills Mall was great. Everyone however old, young or whatever sex you are. GO and see it, its a must.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

25th July Prayer Letter

Hello Everyone,

So here is my first prayer update. I now been in America for nearly a week, it has been a rollercoaster of a week and has had its ups and its downs but I am at home here. I staying at the home of Betty and Dallas Pearson, they live in a very nice heart in the city of Columbia Maryland, close to both Baltimore and Washington DC. I have spent my first week getting to know everyone in thea church and my new boss Bruce Hopler. The church I am working for is Cornerstone Community Church (the website Its a large church in a warehouse in Columbia.

The flight was long and I felt nervous until I started to talk to the person next to me, she was a Church in Maryland. Which an answer to a prayer my Nanna had prayer early in the day. Praise God.I have spent my first week with my head in books and papers, trying get my head around the heart of the church and America culutre. It is so BIG and they drive on the wrong or maybe the right side of road. Got myself a car, a ford escort, which I am now legal to drive.
I am really happy and settled in. Here but here are some key prayer points that you can pray for:
1. That I will continue to settle in.
2. That as I meet people doors will open.
3. That I connect with the young people.
Contact on how you all your doing over there would be much appreciated. My blog is (where you will able to catch my thoughts, see some pictures and post messages). My postal address is:

6312 Sunhigh Place

My Telephone number is 410-290-5874.

And feel free to send me an email. Thankyou for all your prayers.

God Bless

Ali Johnson

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Country of the Big

Well I have now been in America for a little over a week now. But I am having a wonderful time. I am loving the States and the people have been eer so freindly to me. I arrived here on 19th July 5.15 local time and met my amazing Pastor is name is Bruce and he seems like a really God-fearing man. Then I was taken out for Dinner and given a tour of the area and taken to my home for the year. Its true what they say everything is massive.
Then I met my lovely adopted parent for the year Dallas and Betty Pearson (left). They are ever so lovely and treat me just like there son. I am living in the basement with a lounge, tv, bathroom and a bedroom its so nice. Then we went to look around the church, its called Cornerstone Commuinity Church (click for link to website). Its a great church, so I attended both services 9.00 and 10.30 and was introduced at both. Then I was taken out for lunch to Fudgerockas was a good way to meet people. Then I went to the mall and looked at the Mac shop and dreamed of my 21st birthday present. Its has been quite easily settling in and getting to know people becuase they have been so freindly. Hope all is well in the rainy UK.