Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Need a catch up..

Been a while since I posted last, so I am catching up on a little bit of time. Well I now have left the state of Maryland to go to a theme park and also been to watch the Ravens (who won) better than my football team in the UK which officially suck bad now.

Anyway enough about sport and on to life I have been really busy with work. The youth group has grown significantly to about 20 kids and is going all the time. I love my kids very much they challenge me every time I meet with them and come out with the most beautiful things that if the adults just sat and listened they would hear a group of people who get God because they haven’t been distorted by the all of the world views and just get God. For instance a kid in my group came out “why does the church spend so much money on the inside of it when the world needs God so much”. He got it he gets what God wants.

This is what I enjoy most about my job is these kids are great. So I have started thinking about my dissertation next year and am now looking at spiritual formation of young adults as my main topic so far. It is a huge passion of mine not to do youth group for the sake it but to do it to further all of the thing we want to further with adults. So I guess you will hear more of this over the coming months as I throw ideas around in my head…

Well all is going well over the pond and I am very thankful for all the messages of support.

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