Saturday, March 7, 2009

JR Woodward....The 5 equippers

I want to take a few minutes to big up a friend of mine, his name is JR Woodward (check out his great blog at, he is great church planter, thinker, pastor and a great blogger. I have been following his blog and reading some of his stuff for a little while and am convinced he is a man, worthy of note and I am not just name dropping, well I am a little so forgive me. But I believe what is he writing about the equippers is incredibly important for the shape of leadership moving forward. It was an absolute pleasure for me to listen to some lectures from him and hear his story a couple of weeks ago.

I love his idea of leadership and it how it will also re-shape the very nature of success. Am eagerly waiting the book and hearing more from him. A great man of god. Will reflect more on his work soon!

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